Simply Consult Limited (herby known as SIMCO) is a business consultancy established since the 6th of May 2014. It is the aim of the company to provide top quality, comprehensive business consultancy services to new and existing businesses.
As is often seen, new businesses start up with a lot of motivation and can-do attitude, but this soon fades off due to lack of guidance and experience. Business owners end up stressed which further prompt them to make panicked decisions that lead to business failure. Although a business might start with a brilliant idea and good financials, but without guidance and expertise, new business owners find it difficult to manage all parts of the business or the business grows too quickly to handle which eventually leads to its downfall. A recent search online about small businesses, showed a quote “Small businesses do not die, they commit suicide!” This is the case because small business owners generally believe they can handle it all without guidance, or want to save on the cost of paying for this advice and guidance. As a result, it gets too much and they fail; miserably.
SIMCO will provide the solution. Low cost, quality and professional advice and guidance for companies of all shapes, sizes and to suit all budgets. The reason for this move, is that SIMCO wants to be part of the force that changes this trend where small businesses, are given the right guidance to be able to run their businesses smoothly.
The company will begin providing these services from its home town, Wellingborough; with the aim of assisting other businesses across the UK in the future.
SIMCO will provide a wide range of business consultancy services to start-up businesses as well as young and experienced enterprises. The company’s services will aim to assist in strengthening the business from its roots and improving the overall efficiency of production or service provision in order to increase profits and achieve objectives.
The price of our services will be comparatively economical to our competitors and will reflect the quality of service that we provide. The company will initially use a penetration pricing structure to gain the most market penetration in the quickest time.
In order to reap rewards as a company, SIMCO will need to provide quality professional services to its customers; and to do this, the company will need a team of educated and professional service providers. It is the aim of the director to have an effective recruitment strategy which will filter out the best of the local experienced professionals. This rigorous recruitment procedure along with a motivating, working atmosphere and a policy to invest in the training and development of employees, will enable the company to motivate employees into providing the best possible service.
SIMCO will market its services through personal selling, community marketing, digital marketing, online advertising and direct marketing to name a few. These marketing strategies will be reviewed and amended periodically to cater for the needs of the business.
Having researched the business market, and its competitors, SIMCO can confidently say that it has a good opportunity to start up business in Wellingborough; and with a mission to assist local businesses through the provision of quality and professional services, the company will surpass its customers’ expectations and will gain a good market share and market profit.


It is the mission of SIMCO as a company to understand the needs of its customers and provide a quality, professional service that is innovative and competitive. The company will ensure it has researched the customers own business market and the trends and technology that govern that market so as to achieve the best results that will enable the customers’ businesses to run at the peak of their industry. SIMCO will also ensure that it is aware of legislation and regulation that govern the business world so as to ensure compliance and hence reduce risk and threats.


SIMCO has a vision to build a name as the best business consultancy services provider in Wellingborough over the next 5-10 years and subsequently achieve awards for best employer and best services provider.

Keys To Success

The keys to the success of the company lie in:

  • Investing wisely.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Having a most efficient marketing and brand recognition strategy.
  • Employing educated professionals who are keen to learn and develop.
  • Being informed and updated about trends, technology, future projections, legislation and guidelines.